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Breaking Free from Manipulation

2016-05-27 07:07:41 by Bug

There is no group of people that get taken advantage of more than artists. Through all my years interacting with people both online and off it never ceases to amaze me how people think in overly binary ways giving no thought whatsoever to any gray areas that may exsist, completely unaware of the evil that surrounds them.

It is no coincidence that no matter how you type or how you say something it can ALWAYS be misconstrued, this is something that is used and abused quite often by politicians, businessess etc..

Now I'm going to explain what evil is, at its core it is deceit. 

From Merriam-Webster "deceit" is:

 'dishonest behavior : behavior that is meant to fool or trick someone'

All crimes can be rooted back to the core of deceit

A murdurer rarely kills without a motive and it is consealed (deceit) until the last minute.

A robber uses deceit in order to mask what he's actually doing.

A rapist could drug a victom (deceit) or sway them in order to do something later (still deceit)

Now you may be thinking that some of these actions could be done "recklessly" and therefore arent actually deceit but rather the actions of some insane animal.

However the answer is it would still be considered deceit. Just the fact that you live in a society that punishes by law, criminal activity - means it is still deceit on your general well being because you're conditioned to expect better from people!

So now that's established I'll move onto a form of deceit thats much more subtle yet just as dangerous - manipulation

We have all heard this one before "Work for me and I'll pay you with exposure!" This is extremely blatant yet people still fall for it. The reason for this is because manipulation can only succeed if it feeds off of some amount of negativity. Wether or not that negativity has always been there or drawn out of you somehow.

So for example maybe an artist could have a low opinion of him/herself- or had been conditioned to think that for some reason. These feelings are a type of negativity and therefore are exploitable by evil. The artist is more willing to be exploited because they are emotionally vulnerable.

And this negativity is what attracts the manipulator in the first place. They know this and will try to use it against you.. Stating perhaps: "Well if you werent so negative then this wouldnt happen to you." Then the artist will agree with this and the cycle will start all over again.. Are you starting to see how heinous this is?

The manipulators control system works something like this-

Create problem > Create Solution ad infinitum...

When you boil humanity down to it's core you don't actually need a whole lot of anything to live. Everything you need to eat grows from the earth itself and in a perfect world people would live in small communities creating things they actually need for each other by simply trading for it. 

However in this world you are given endless amounts of reasons to purchase the latest mop. "Hey we created this new problem that only our new mop can solve!"

This is basically how society is structured. It goes deep and is so complex that I don't think I can possibly explain it all in one sitting but here's some examples:

Politicions will debate over issues they created in order for you to vote for them so they can solve said problems.

Companies will advertise the latest problems they created so you will buy the Thing and solve some imaginary problem you never needed to solve in the first place.

Movies will advertise their latest propaganda in order for you to feel some sort of emotional connection to it or nostalgia so you can go watch it and solve that problem they put in your head.

So if you havent figured it out by this point the world runs on evil with money and power as the prime source of the control system. More money and power is aquired through manipulation. In this world for most people to live is nothing more than a morally ambigous game and the more they can get away with acting like a professional peice of shit the more they win.

This control system is NOT the natural order of things. It is a compromise. They will love to preach that "life is a bitch so you better do things our way and do that until you die" but its not. The truth is their control system will die if you don't comply with it.

So how do you avoid being manipulated by anything? And how do you detect when it's happening? The answer is you need to accept love and I feel like that can only be done once you realize how illusory everything is to begin with. 

Even if you cannot wrap your head around anything else at least realize that money is by far the biggest illusion that has been created. You don't actually NEED money for anything yet it is there, as both an incentive and as a fear. 

If you can manage to take a step back and look at the world as it is in the grand scheme of things you'll realize that almost everything is an illusion. Your money, your possessions, your job.. All of it are just illusions. You don't owe anyone anything. You don't "NEED" to do anything for anyone. No one is worth worshipping or obeying.

And if you can picture for a moment, lets say you woke up the next day with all of those things removed and taken into consideration what else would you be left with? What is the one thing in this world that is actually real and actually matters?

The answer is, it is love. It is all that there is and ever will be.

And if you can picture it like that it's suddenly not so complex anymore. Everything you would do, it would be done with love, because it is good. Love does not care for deceit, for it serves no purpose. If you were to create it would be done with security. Not for someone or whome but simply because it is good. It is freedom. It is justice. It is humility. Anyone can do this but it is not easy.

One of the biggest ways the world succeeds the way it does is because of fear. Fear is one of many negativities that the manipulator preys on and is done primairly through the use of media outlets. Every person has a TV in their house which displays fear porn on a 24/7 loop. Fear is something that can bind someone to become a prisoner within their very own mind.

Manipulators also succeed when they prey upon individuals who naturally for whatever reason emmit a lot of negativity. Wether they are prone to anger, saddness, insecurity, fear, jealously, egotism, greed, you name it..

The more the manipulator knows about you the more they can control you. They are what the word sociopaths are. Many of them are very sneaky and use charisma to do what they want to people. If a manipulator can convince someone to be their friend they can get them to do almost anything. 

They are deeply flawed people but as time would have it they all get exposed in the end and justice prevails.

All it takes is love.

It's not an instant solution and it requires work and dedication but if you feel as if you're someone who is very negative it wouldn't hurt to try working on it. Maybe one day you'll feel as though you don't need as much money as you thought. Or you don't really need that possession. And the more you work on it the better you'll feel and suddenly those manipulators will just vanish because you arent on their frequency anymore. You will be more positive and more secure in yourself. You will begin to see the truth around you and your intelligence will grow.


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